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About Us


Aesthetically rooted in divine femininity, Lily & Joan is a nonprofit theatre company and community dedicated to innovative, inclusive and intentional storytelling. 
​Located in Dallas, Texas, we are committed to providing opportunities to theatre artists and arts supporters. With a portion of each productions’ proceeds donated to local women-led organizations, Lily & Joan is passionate about cultivating and sustaining community relationships through the lens of theatre.

In our journey with Lily&Joan, it is our desire to be evolutionary.  While our productions, events and community gatherings have space to change and grow as we do, our dedication to women artists is always our foundation. 

Lily & Joan’s mission has been to intentionally include a spaces for ALL women artists. However, we know that historically, feminism has been exclusive.

We strive to create a culture of inclusion where artists can thrive, succeed, and are able to participate in L&J's performances and events. 

We uplift individual differences, acknowledge systemic racism and  other access barriers that prevent full and fair participation of people outside the dominant culture. We are aware the complexities of becoming a fully inclusive and anti-racist performance-based community, and we take on the challenge to cultivate spaces where full and fair participation is the norm.
L&J is artist-first and community-focused because we believe that we work best within a circle of support. This practice is brought intentionally to each audition, rehearsal, production meeting and community event. 

 | Lily&Joan is a 501c3 nonprofit |

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