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Intentional. Inclusive. Innovative.

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Lily & Joan Theatre Company
Creative + Community 

Lily & Joan is a nonprofit theatre company and artist haven. As a women-focused company that uplifts creators on stage and off, we are dedicated to innovative, inclusive and intentional storytelling. Lily & Joan is passionate about cultivating and sustaining community relationships through the lens of theatre.

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L+J is artist-first and community-focused because we believe that we work best within a circle of support. This practice is brought intentionally to each audition, rehearsal, production meeting and community event. 


 L+J intentionally creates spaces for ALL women artists. However, we know that historically, feminism has been exclusive. In our events, productions and community collaborations we actively welcome and celebrate artists of all backgrounds, ethnicity, race, color, country of origin, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, age, sexual or relationship orientation, family structure, religion, beliefs, political affiliations, experiences and ability differences.


 L + J came together seeking to create a company that holistically expanded the artistic experiences of women artists in DFW.  Our artwork celebrates multi-faceted femininity, both on our stages and within our community. 

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Home: Classes
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